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Roll Service

Miami Machine, Inc.

Roll Service

Miami Machine, Inc. has been heavily involved with roll service since 1972. We can handle rolls up to 80 tons, 72” Dia. x 500” Long. Miami Machine, Inc. routinely disassembles rolls and inspects roll journals and roll shells, using conventional and non-destructive diagnostic techniques.

These inspection services help our customers to reduce costs and preserve capital equipment by taking a proactive approach to journal and shell failure. Eliminating these unscheduled events avoids damage to costly felts and wires.

Miami Machine, Inc. is also a proven source for quality repairs to suction rolls, couch rolls, press rolls, drum rolls, and transfer rolls. Many mills have chosen to take advantage of Miami Machine, Inc’s quality service, and timely delivery by maintaining an annual service schedule for their suction rolls. 

Roll types

Miami Machine can service many different types of rolls, including

Roll Rebuilds

We can service many different types of rolls rebuilds, including

Miami Machine, Inc.

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